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Moscow Hide and Fur has been buying furs and antlers throughout the western United States, and by mail from trappers and hunters nation-wide for over 35 years. Owner Gary J. Schroeder is known and respected throughout the fur industry, he is a former Hudson's Bay fur trader with 48 years of buying experience, and writes the fur market report for Fur-Fish-Game magazine.

This site,, is our catalog and price list of items that we are currently interested in buying from hunters and trappers. Below you will find items we are buying, the quality and condition we need them in and the prices we are paying. Most items are listed alphabetically as you scroll down this page (Badger, Coyote, Deer, Elk, Opossum, Wolf, etc.). Birds, Snakes and Turtles are organized into their own sections at the bottom.

Visit our How We Buy Page for our address, shipping instructions, payment terms, etc.

We only buy items that are legally taken and that are legal for you to sell. We reserve the right to refuse to buy anything from anyone at anytime. Visit our How We Buy Page for more information.

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Updated 11/10/2015

Help Wanted:If you know how to skin and prep a coyote, prep a cape (split lips, turn ears, etc.) we may have a job for you. We hire prep specialists 12 months a year. Send resume to: MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843

Notes for Raw Furs:If you know how to prepare skins for life-size, taxidermy purposes, you can get much more than market value for many of the furs you harvest.

You need to know how to skin out feet for taxidermy, split lips and eye-lids, and turn ears. You can then salt and dry the skins. None with holes in the heads, nor any with large hole(s) in body. MUST HAVE GOOD FEET WITH CLAWS AND #1 QUALITY FUR.

Contact us with what you have and the price you are looking for.
We are always interested in rare and unusual animals such as white otter, white beaver, black nutria, white muskrats, etc. Call us before skinning these animals. When you call, tell us what price you want. Do not call us for "offers."
See Note: Shipping and freight charges

We buy stretched and dried furs and castors 12 months per year:Current market prices. Because of the volatility of the market in recent years, we do not issue a price list for all items. At this time the fur market is undergoing a downward price adjustment. Do not ship us any furs unless you contact us prior to shipping. We can use only #1 quality fur for our business. Do not ship us lower grades and secondary quality merchandise; ship those skins to the auction houses or take them to a trappers fur sale.


We are interested in legally taken alligator teeth, claws and skulls. Skulls must be cleaned, teeth cleaned, and claws dried. Contact us with the price you are asking


Hides:#1 quality hides, fleshed and salted for hair-on tanning, $20.00
Horns:We buy antelope horns
Skulls:We can use 20 bucks and 20 does. For #1 quality, complete skulls, uncleaned, frozen we pay as follows and will refund freight charges.
15" horns - $65
14" horns - $50
13" horns - $40
12" horns - $30
11" horns - $25
10" horns - $20
under 10" - $15
Does - $5

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Capes:We pay up to $40.00 for #1 quality capes, 15" neck and larger.
FRESH HIDES:We will pay up to $15 for complete good hides with neck attached suitable for hair-on tanning


Shells:#1 quality shells, dried: up to $15.00
Skulls:We can use 50 skulls. Frozen, #1 quality only, $10.00 each


Claws:Fur removed, dried. Fronts $0.20, rears $0.05
Teeth:Canines, extracted, cleaned, #1 quality, $0.20 each
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass:#1 quality only. Heavily furred $30 tops, Semi-heavy $15 tops, Flat fur $5 tops.
Stretched and dried furs:#1 select quality $20.00, #2 quality $5, lower grades $1

Bear - Black Bear

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

*We buy only Washington and Idaho bears. On Washington bears, if you remove the claws or skull from the hide you cannot sell the claws or skull.

See Note: Idaho Black Bear

Claw Hulls:Hulls are discounted to $1 or less. Hull is the claw with the bone removed). Bought only from Idaho bears
Claw Sets:Prices are per set of 20 claws, half fronts, half rears, from same bear. Length refers to length of longest claws. #1 quality only
3.00" - $150/set
. 2.75" - $ 100/set
2.50" - $ 75/set
2.25" - $ 60/set
2.00" - $ 40.00/set
under 2.00" - $ 30.00/set. Claws bought only from Idaho bears
Gall Bladders:#1 quality, fresh, 2 oz and up only. $10/oz. We buy galls only from Idaho bears
Hides - Rug Quality:Rug quality bears are worth more. These are heavily furred, have all claws, a good head, no major holes, and no blemishes, rubs, or weak fur. Measured from nose to base of tail.
7+ ft - $300.00
6.5 - 7 ft - $200.00
6 - 6.5 ft - $150.00
5.5 - 6 ft - $ 100
5 - 5.5 ft - $ 80
4.5 - 5 ft - $ 60.00
4 - 4.5 ft - $ 45.00
under 4 ft - $ 35.00
#1 rug quality bears with no feet but good capes are worth up to $10.

Leg Bones:large mature bones only, uncleaned, $1.00 each. Bought only from Idaho bears
Skulls:For #1 quality complete bear skulls that are not damaged in any way except the one tooth removed by the Fish & Game Department, we will pay up to $50. Bought only from Idaho bears
Teeth:#1 quality extracted and cleaned canines, up to $7.50 each. Embedded in bone up to $3.00 each. Worn, cracked and damaged teeth will be bought at value, if any. Bought only from Idaho bears


Smaller size beaver:At least one of the auctions companies is telling trappers to not ship smaller size beavers to them. We will buy #1 quality, extra heavy winter beaver skins at the following prices: LM $6.00, Medium $4, Smalls $2, Kitts $1.00 Prices FOB Moscow, Idaho. No cuts, no rubs, no flats, no scars
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Baculum:Cleaned, dried: $0.25 each
BEAVER; Select XXL/XXXL/XXXXL skins wanted:We need select quality skins! We want only beaver that measure 65" and up, either professional oval or round stretches. These beaver cannot have ANY cuts, any un-natural holes, no scars, no missing fur. Fur cannot be short or weak on neck or back. No singed fur. No red-ringers. Must have noses, be sure fur has not rotted in leghole area. We are paying the following for select quailty perfect beaver: Northern, northeastern, extra heavy dark/extra dark beaver: 65-72" $50, 72-80 $60, 80" and up $70. Extra heavy central/westerns: 65-72, $45, 72-80" $55; 80" and up $70. Southern: 65-72" $40, 72-80" $50, 80" and up $65. FOB Moscow, Idaho. NO DEALERS
Incisors:Cleaned, unbroken, extracted, packed in baby oil or alcohol: L/XL $0.25 each, medium $0.20 each, small $0.15 each
White beaver:If you catch a white or almost white beaver, case skin the animal, leave the feet and tail attached, and leave the skull in the hide. Freeze. Contact us. You may send us a picture. These animals can be worth $100 and as much as $200
Castoreum:For #1 quality castoreum, properly dried (no hard rock castors), we will pay the following: Select $35/lb, #1 quality $30/lb, #2 quality $20/lb, shells $7.50/lb.

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass beaver:For extra heavy carcass beaver we are paying the follows: Larger sizes $15, medium sizes $10, smaller sizes $5. Must have good feet, heads, tails, no rubs, no damaged
Stretched and dried beaver:For good extra heavy winter beaver from this area we are paying the following, #1 quality basis. XXL $50, XL $30, large $15, LM $6, Medium $4, small $2, XS $1.00


At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Hides:Larger type hides with heads attached are worth up to $15 on bulls/steers, up to $10 on heifers/cows. Hides without heads or those with cuts are worth up to $5.00


Skulls:Larger sizes, frozen, #1 quality, $5.00 each.
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.25 each
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Bobcats for taxidermy work:We are interested in buying bobcats from all states that have well spotted backs. Must also have nice white spotted bellies. No head shots, no damaged feet, must have tails, all claws. Should be skinned cased with feet attached and skull left intact and then freeze. CITES tags can be attached to legskins. Can e-mail us a picture is you wish. Call us and tell us how long the cat is and how much you want for it. NONE WITH DRAB UNSPOTTED BACKS.

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Local Idaho/Washington Carcass Bobcats:We are buying carcass bobcats for taxidermy work that are taken in December and later. Prices for cats with #1 quality white bellies: Extra pale $300 tops, pales $250 tops, darks $200 tops. Must have good feet, good heads, no more than two dime size holes in body. Cannot have eye-holes ruined by CITES tags (we will buy them with CITES tags attached to legskins). NO HEADSHOTS. Narrow bellies 1/3 off, reddish bellies 1/2 off, females with milk spos $100 and down
Stretched and Dried skins:Local area skins taken in December and later: Extra pale $300 tops, pale $225 tops, darks $150 tops. Must have CITES tags attached


Legs:$0.50 each
Sinew:Backstrap sinew. This is the silvery tough sheath that covers the back straps. Remove and dry. Must be a minimum of 2.5" wide
25+" long - $7.50
20-25" long - $5.00
15-20" long - $2.50
10-15" long - $1.25

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Hides:WE DO NOT BUY RAW BUFFALO HIDES. We will buy tanned buffalo hides should you have have some.

Canadian Lynx

Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

FURS FOR TAXIDERMY:Any size, must have good feet, ears turned, lips split, etc. #1 quality only, no shedders, no damaged skins, no damaged feet or eye-holes. Up to $200
SKULLS:Larger sizes, uncleaned, frozen, #1 quality $10
TEETH:Canine teeth, extracted, cleaned, #1 quality. Store in baby oil. Fifty cents each

Civet Cats (Spotted Skunks)

Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Claws:Hair removed, dried. $0.10 each
Hides:If you trap civets, skin them with the feet on and make sure you skin out the feet prior to drying. Make sure that you leave the lower lips on the skins. For #1 quality skins we are paying $20 each. For larger size skins with no feet we are paying $10 for #1 quality skins
Skulls:For #1 quality, frozen, uncleaned skulls we will pay $5.00 each


Must have statement which indicated name and address of hunter, license number, tag number, date of kill, sex and location of kill, signed by hunter. We buy only Idaho/Washington cougar.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Claws:#1 quality, L/XL dew claws - $12.50 each
#1 quality, L/XL front claws - $ 5.00 each
All others - up to $ 1.00 each
Hides:Complete with all claws and feet, good heads and tails, #1 skins are worth as follows (discounts for bullet holes, etc.
8.5 - 9 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $375, (DEC/JAN) $550, (FEB/MAR) $800
8 - 8.5 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $300, (DEC/JAN) $400, (FEB/MAR) $600
7.5 - 8 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $200, (DEC/JAN) $275, (FEB/MAR) $325
7 - 7.5 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $150, (DEC/JAN) $200, (FEB/MAR) $225
6 - 7 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $ 85, (DEC/JAN) $100, (FEB/MAR) $135
under 6 ft - (SEP/OCT/NOV) $ 50, (DEC/JAN) $ 65, (FEB/MAR) $ 75
NOTE: For 9 foot March quality Idaho hides we are currently paying $1000! For 100 inch+ #1 March quality Idaho hides we are currently paying $750
Skulls:For #1 quality complete unbroken skulls, up to $100.00. On broken skulls we will pay $10.00 for each good adult canine
Teeth:#1 quality, extracted, cleaned canines up to $12


Solid black, solid white coyotes:These coyotes must be totally white or totally black. No brown fur, no mix of colors. Skinned with the feet attached, skull intact, frozen. Up to $200 each on #1 quality Northern quality skins. No head shots, no big holes, must have four good feet. These are for taxidermy purposes. Send us a photo. We will refund your freight.
Teeth:#1 quality canines, extracted, cleaned, no cracks: up to $0.25 each
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass Coyote:We are currently paying up to $30 on caercass coyotes. Must have good feet, no head shots, no big holes in bodies, good fur.
COYOTE PUPS:We buy summer quality COYOTE PUPS that are just a few pounds (up to about 2-2.5 ft long). Just freeze them whole, or skins them with the claws on and leave skull intact in head and then freeze them. Up to $20. Must be fresh, no fly larvae, no big holes, no head shots, no slippage
Stretched and dried skins:Pale to extra pale skins with white bellies, $50 tops; Darker color/skins with dark bellies $30 tops


Leg Sinew:Rear, dried: Over 12", $0.75, 10-12", $0.50, 8-10" $0.35, under 8" $0.20 each. front leg sinew: $0.15 each
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Antlers:We are currently paying $11/lb tops for cut off deer antlers and $12/lb. For 4 point and better sheds. . These are #1 sides with no chews or chips off. Chewed, chipped, badly chewed, cracked, and weathered antlers are discounted. All deer antlers have some value, even white, cracked, algae stained. IF YOU CUT ANTLERS OFF THE SKULL PLATES, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CUT ANY OF THE BOTTOM OF THE ROSETTE AWAY. #1 quality sets, from spikes to big sets have some additional value and you should leave these intact on the skull plates."#1 quality" sets are those that are balanced, for example, 1x1 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5,etc. Unbalanced sets will be cut off the skull plate and purchased by the pound. "Unbalanced" antlers are 1x2, 2x3, 4x5, etc. Except for sets with high Boone and Crockett scores, all chips, broken tines, saw marks on the back of the beams or rosettes, cracks, etc. will cause the set to be downgraded and cut off the skull plates.
We buy complete uncleaned buck skulls with antlers attached. Must be of #1 quality, but can be any size from spikes, 2x2's, to 5x5 etc. Must be frozen and shipped during cold weather.

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Capes:We are currently buying capes with 22" and larger size necks only. Must be #1 quality capes and have no major holes, no split or partially split briskets, no broken hairs near brisket or on underside of neck and absolutely no damaged to head. Not cuts or notches in ears. Hunters are increasingly having their skulls cleaned for "European mounts" and the market for capes is disappearing.

See Note: Skinning Capes

Hides:Note that we will no longer buy any deer hides that are not suitable for hair on tanning. We will not buy skins that are sour or tainted, those with drag marks, big holes, multiple holes, or skins without the neck attached
See Note: Hair-On Hides

Legs:Adult: $0.25 each Fawns: $0.10 each.
SALT FOR DEER HIDES:If you are collecting leather quality hides we have FREE SALT for you. This salt has been used to cure furbearers such as coyotes, fox, coon and hair on hides such as elk, bear, cougar, and deer. It has been used only once. Commercial costs are ~$300/ton and we are giving it to you.
Select Hides for Hair-On Tanning:These must be fresh, should have tails and necks attached, and cannot be mis-shapen. They cannot have drag marks or have multiple cuts or holes. They cannot be sour or salted.
Must have complete neck cut close to ears, no feet, head, larger sizes, #1 quality $5 -$10


Antlers:We are currently paying $12/LB for #1 quality hard brown antler sides, with selected shed sides of 8 lbs or more to $15/lb. Chewed, cracked, and weathered antlers are discounted. All antlers have some value except those that are in a state of disintegration. If you are shipping elk antlers, you may cut the beams in half for shipping purposes.
Sinew - Backstrap Sinew:This is the silvery tough sheath that covers the back straps. Remove, dry. Must be a minimum of 2.5" wide
26+" long: $10.00
20-26": $7.50
16-20": $3.75
10-16": $1.50

Sinew - Leg Sinew:dried, 10" and longer: Rear of leg, $1.00 each. Front of leg, $0.50 each.
Teeth - Ivories:Large bull tusks: (Prices on #1 quality)
Select color pairs, up to $40/pair
Colored singles, $3.00-$10 each
Spike tusks, up to $2 each
Mature cow tusks, up to $5 each

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Capes:We are currently buying only 32" and up elk capes. #1 quality only with intact briskets, no drags, absolutely no damaged to heads. Must have good ears

See Note: Skinning Capes

Hides:We will buy a few select quality elk hides for hair on tanning. Must have complete necks and tails. October quality and later. $15 top. Note: We no longer buy elk hides that are not suitable for hair on tanning
Legs:Mature adult legs: $0.50 each. Calf elk legs: $0.25 each


Embryos from fur bearers:If you catch animals that have embryos in them, we are interested in purchasing them. Spring trappers and damage control agents often find these. If they will fit in a quart jar, we are interested. Those that have fur on them are worth the most, but we will buy anything that looks like an embryo. Leave them in placental sac if possible. Preserve in formaldehye or isopropyl alcohol. They are worth from 50 cents to $20 depending upon species and size.


Baculum:Penis bones, #1 quality, up to $1 each
Claws:Hair removed, dried $0.10
Hides:We are interested in male fisher skins for taxidermy and will pay $100 for good #1 quality skins. We will refund freight costs. They must have the feet attached and the skull intact and be frozen. See if you can get your Fish and Game to put the tags in the rear legs. We understand that some states collect the skulls and herein lies the problem. We have had producers tell us that they know how to skin out the skull in such a fashion that it can be used for taxidermy and they do not and we cannot use these skins. We need all of the inside part of the lips and eye-lids left on the hide as well as the base of the ear. You might check with a taxidermist for instructions on how to do this.
Skulls:We need adult skulls, ship frozen in cold months of year. $5.00 each.
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

WHITE FISHER:If you catch a white fisher, we will pay you $200 plus freight for a #1 quality specimen. Skin with the feet attached, leave skull in skin; attach state tags to legskin, then freeze and contact us. Must have good feet, good tail, good head, good fur


If you have raw or tanned skins that you want to sell, contact us.

Fox - cross fox

Claws:#1 quality, $0.10 each
Hides:Need raw frozen skins for lifesize (no small sizes). Must have nice cross on back. Must have four good feet. Skin cased. Leave all four feet on, skulls intact. #1 quality only, no damaged feet on skins. No head shots. Can have up to two dime size holes on body. Freeze in styrafoam containers. Contact us before shipping. $75 on lower 48 skins. Alaskan trappers: If you know how to prep skins for taxidermy (split lips, turn ears, skin out feet), we will pay $125 for #1 quality winter skins.
Skulls:#1 quality only, frozen, no smaller sizes, $3.00 each
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.20 each
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass fox:We are currently paying up to $100 for carcass winter quality cross fox. Must have good feet, no holes, have #1 quality fur

Fox - grey fox

Claws:Hair removed, dried: $0.10 each
Hides:We need skins for taxidermy purposes. No medium/small skins. Skin with feet left on, leave skull in skin. Freeze. $30-35 on #1 quality skins. Must have good feet, no holes in head. No flat fall skins
Skulls:#1 quality skulls, uncleaned, frozen, $3.00 each
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.20 each

Fox - Red Fox

Claws:$0.10 each
Skulls:#1 quality, $5.00 each. We are interested in skulls from shot animals as these have the best teeth. Animals that have broken teeth from traps/snares or metal on the teeth are not wanted.
For shipments of 25 or more #1 quality skulls, we will refund surface UPS charges. Must be shipped November through March, packed in good styrafoam containers, frozen when shipped.
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.20 each
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Hides:We need RED FOX for taxidermy purposes. Must have good feet. Leave feet attached to hides, skull in the hide (we will skin out the head) then freeze. . #1 quality fur only. Must have good feet; no head shots. Can have up to two holes not larger than dime size. We will pay $35-50 per fox and refund all freight costs. Alaska fox to $100 each. Contact us before shipping or bring to our door. If you know how to turn ears, split, lips etc, you may dry the skins

Fox - White Fox

Baculum:Penis Bones, #1 quality, $0.25 each
Hides:#1 skins with four feet & claws, $75. Alaskan trappers: If you know how to prep skins for life-size (split lips, turn ears, skin out feet), we will pay $100 on good clear skins (no tears, no blubber stains)
Skulls:#1 quality, frozen. $10 each
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.10 each

Goat - Domestic

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Hides:We will buy fresh hides killed from November through March. Larger sizes only ( no subadults). We want only nice white hides and multicolored hides, preferable those with spotting. $10 tops
Skulls:Fresh skulls with horns, up to $10

Goat - Mountain Goat

We are interested in buying horns, hides, capes, life-size, skulls, feet, etc. of legally taken mountain goats


Tails:Boned, washed, dried, and combed: up to $8 each.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Skulls:We buy nature cleaned horse skulls for up to $20, depending upon condition


Hides:#1 quality, fleshed and dried, up to $35 each
Hides with heads, tails attached, #1 quality. $50.00
Skulls:#1 quality, up to $25 each


Hides:#1 quality hides with four feet, fleshed, stretched and dried, up to $5 each


Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Stretched and dried:Lower 48 skins, mature males only, skinned with feet & claws attached, #1 quality $35-$50. If you know how to split lips, turn ears, etc., contact us.

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass animals:We will buy a limited number of Idaho marten in the carcass. They must have good feet, good heads, and be of #1 quality. None with pitch spots. Males: $35-$40, females $15-$20. Stretched and dried marten will move at $15-25 average next season; you can get more by selling in carcass

Mink - Wild Mink

Baculum:Up to $0.10 each.
Hides:Ranch mink. If you catch ranch mink that have escaped from farms, we buy all colors except browns. Just stretch and dry them and ship them and we will pay you full market value for them. OR, skin them with feet attached, leave skull intact, and freeze
Hides with feet:DO NOT GIVE YOUR WILD MINK AWAY THIS SEASON. The wild mink market has crashed and buyers are paying very little for mink this season. We are interested in buying a limited amount of wild mink with the feet attached. GET MORE FOR YOUR MINK BY LEAVING THE FEET ATTACHED! Skins must have four good feet (none with trap damage), you must skin out the feet by taking the meaty part out, leave claws attached, turn inside out and dry. Do not let the front feet rest against the abdomen as this will rot both the feet and the skin. Skins must be fully prime, free of scars and holes, and good early winter to winter skins (no springy skins). Must have lower lips, do not fold lower lip over so it rots. None with rotten ears. Do not enlarge eye-holes. We will pay as follows: Nose to base of tail, normal stretch. 21" and up $20, 18-21", $15, under 18", $10. Note: Skins with less than 4 feet or scarred or damaged pelt swill be bought at skin prices, $10 and down. If you can supply, contact us
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Hides:We are buying local carcass mink at $15 tops. Stretched and dried mink without feet will average well under $10 this season. For stretched and dried wild mink without feet, we will pay a top of $10 on males and $5 on females.


Antlers:We are currently paying $12/LB for #1 quality hard brown antlers. Selected 2-4 lbs side in perfect shape and nice configurations are bringing $15/lb. Chipped, chews, badly chewed, cracked, and weathered antlers are discounted. Top price is paid for antlers that have no chips, saw marks, or chews on the antlers. All moose antlers have some value except those that are in a state of disintegration. #1 quality balanced sets always worth more. If you cut them off a skull plate, do not cut underside of rosette.
Dew Claws/Hooves:$0.10 each each for dew claws and $0.50 for hooves. Must have bone removed and be cleaned of all fat, etc.
Sinew:Backstrap sinew; this is the silvery tough sheath that covers the back straps. Remove and dry. Must be a minimum of 2.5" wide
25+" long: $10.00
20-25": $7.50
15-20": $3.75
10-15": $1.50
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Capes:We pay up to $50 for #1 quality, full shoulder capes 32" and larger. Must be cut off behind brisket. No split briskets, none with drag marks, absolutely no damaged to head. Must have good ears.

See Note: Skinning Capes

Hides:We buy freshly killed whole hides, with full necksattached for hair on tanning. These cannot have any drag marks, and must not be cut up or have large or multiple holes. We pay $25 tops for hair on quality moose hides.
Legs/Bones:$1.00 each for fresh moose legs.
We also buy nature cleaned bull/cow skulls and good uncracked nature cleaned leg bones.
Skulls:We pay $15 for good #1 quality uncleaned cow moose skulls. We also buy bull skulls with the antlers attached, price determined by the size of the antlers. Must be fresh and not rotting

Mountain Beaver (Pacific Coast)

We are interested in frozen skulls, $3.00 each, and whole frozen speciments $10.00 each. Must be #1 quality


Hides:Stretched and dried skins are worth as follows, #1 quality basis: L/XL $3.00, LM $2., medium, $1.5, small $0.50, and kitts twenty five cents.
We are interest in albinos or rare colors. Freeze whole, and contact us before calling. Know what price you want before calling.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass Muskrat:We are currently paying $2.00 on L/XL carcass rats, $1 on medium, and fifty cents on smaller rats


Hides:We are interested in the following odd colors: white, black, gold, etc. Will pay up to $15 for odd colors
Teeth:Incisors, $0.20 each.


CLAWS:hair removed, dried $0.10 each
Skulls:Larger sizes, #1 quality, $3.00 each.
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.20 each
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Hides:We will use some stretched and dried possum, northern skins only, 22" and up only. $3.00 tops, FOB, Moscow, Idaho NONE WITH BLACK FUR


Claws:#1 quality, $0.10 each
Hides:WE WANT YOUR WHITE OR PARTIALLY WHITE OTTER. . We prefer them frozen, with the skull intact and the feet attached. You can put CITES tag in rear legskin. If you catch one, call us; have the price in mind before you call

Skulls:#1 quality, $5.00 each
Teeth:#1 quality canines, $0.20 each
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Stretched and dried skins:For #1 quality otter we are paying the following: XL $40, large $30, LM $15, medium $10, small $5. All sections. Must have CITES tags

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass:Carcass otter, with CITIES tags attached: up to $50


Guard Hair:This is the long yellow hair. It is most easily pulled out when the porcupine is either fresh or tainted. It should be kept straight and tied in bundles. No black underfur should be mixed in and we only want hair 8 inches and longer. $20-$30/oz. Hair with black stems is worth more than hair with yellow stems. Hair shorter than 8 inches is severely discounted
Quills:#1 quality, no underfur included, $6/oz
WANTED: Quills dyed red, yellow, or gold, $8/oz. Can be dyed using Ritz Dye.
Skulls:#1 quality, no smalls, $5 each
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass:Larger sizes, #1 quality, fresh: up to $7. We will not buy carcass porcupine from which the guard hairs has been pulled, carcass porcupines that are rotten, or those that have intestinal material on the hair and quills.

Prairie Dog

SKULLS:#1 quality skulls: $3.00 each. Will refund freight. Are looking for someone to supply 50 adult skulls. Remove from animals and freeze. Do not damage back of skull. None with shot holes or broken teeth. Pefer skulls from Montana/South Dakota area
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Skins:We will buy some prairie dog skins, winter quality, #1 quality only, must have feet attached. Will buy 25 @ $5.00 each. Contact us if you can fill this order.


Domestic rabbit skins:Up to $5 each. Must be #1 quality heavily furred winter skins, fleshed, stretched and dried, fur in, no holes. Must be 20" long or longer from anterior end to base (not including tail). No spring, summer, fall skins. No females that have fur pulled out of necks. If you leave head attached, make sure that the ears are dry. All colors. No urine stained pelts. All skins unsuitable for hair on tanned will be priced at $1/lb. Skins should be fleshed, stretched and dried, with the fur in similar to muskrats but on larger stretchers. Can use possum/coon stretchers
Skulls:#1 quality, Snowshoe: $3.00 each. #1 quality, Jackrabbit: $1.50 each. #1 quality, Cottontail: $3.00 each. WE DO NOT BUY DOMESTIC RABBIT SKULLS
Snowshoe, cottontail, jackrabbit, and rex rabbit skins:up to $3 each. No tears or holes in skins.


Hides:If you get a red, white, or odd colored animal(except blacks), skin with four feet attached, leave skull in hide, freeze. Contact us. We will pay freight.
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

FROZEN SKINS WITH FEET & SKULLS:We are interested in buying a limited quantity of raccoon that are cased skinned, have the feet attached, and the skulls in the hides. DO NOT SKIN OUT THE SKULL. Must have good feet, no holes in the heads or bodies. Northern skins only, Silvery to grayish skins only. No golden or yellowish skins. Males only. Up to $20 and we will refund freight charges. Contact us if you are interested.
Skulls:We need larger size skulls, #1 quality. No broken or damaged teeth. Freeze. $3.00 each plus freight refund. Call us before shipping so we can tell you the most economical way to ship. Will send check after they are cleaned so that we can grade them properly.
Stretched and dried skins:Starting in November 2015, we will be in the market for some fresh, fully prime #1 quality Northern skins for our tanning needs. They must have complete nice extra large bushy tails, no holes, no scars, none with blue leather. We want A and B colors only. Premiums for skins with feet. We pay more than the auction companies for skins the are suitable for our needs. Note that we are tired of folks shipping us secondary quality merchandise and expecting top price. Our buyer is a former Hudson Bay buyer with over 55 years of experience. We will pay you a premium for your top coon. NO DEALERS. We are interested in skins from ND, SD, NE, western MT and WY, MN, WI, IA, MI and New England states, IL, Northern OH, Northern IN. If you can supply, contact us

At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

We buy carcass raccoon locally. We are currently paying $10 tops for larger size fully prime animals. NONE BEFORE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER

Ringtail Cat

FROZEN WHOLE:We will buy #1 quality ringtail cats suitable for taxidermy purposes for $35 each and we will refund your freight charges. They must have good feet and no major damage. Contact us before shipping
Hides:Dried hides: Up to $25.00 each with four feet attached. To prepare feet, remove all bones in pad up to claws, turn inside out and dry. Make sure the foot is not resting against the hide so the fur rots.
Without feet: Stretched and dried, $10-$18 each.
We can also use some frozen whole, $40.00 each. We will pay freight.
Skulls:#1 quality, frozen, $5.00


Teeth:Contact us with what you have and price. Do not bother us if you do not know what you want for your teeth.


Horns:We buy all types of domestic sheep horns.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Hides:August--February, hair on quality, fresh, no holes, black, brown, grayish and mixed colors only; up to $15. We do not buy sheared sheep with short wool.
Skulls:We are interested in purchasing fresh, frozen domestic ram heads, #1 quality. $25 tops. Mouflon, etc.


Claws:L/XL only, $0.10 each
Stretched and Dried:Skins with feet & claws. #1 quality only, complete white stripes, fully prime winter fur. Feet must be attached and skinned out. No headshots. XXL $10, XL $8, Lare $6, medium $4, small $2.50


Frozen hides:We can use some fox and gray squirrels for taxidermy purposes. No large holes, no head shots, may have up to two .22 holes in body. Must have good heads, good tails, good feet, NORTHERN WINTER SKINS only. Prepare by cutting down back legs, then case skin the animal to the back of skull region. Leave skull in hide. Leave tail and feet attached to hide. Roll into ball and freeze. We will pay up to $6/skin and refund your shipping costs (contact us before shipping, must have 10 or more squirrels to make shipment worthwhile).
Hides:We buy all types of legally taken squirrel skins, with feet attached. Pine, fox, gray, black, ground etc. They must be winter quality skins. They must have a complete tail attached. We pay $3.00 each for #1 quality winter skins.
See Note: Preparing Squirrels For Market


Hides:We buy all colors, white, grayback, and browns. For #1 quality skins, dried, with four feet attached, no holes, we will pay $2-$5 each.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass animals. We will pay up to $5 for carcass animals. Can be white, brown, or graybacks. Those with belly taints severely discounted. Must be unthawed at time of sale


Baculum:This is the penis bone from male. Remove and freeze prior to shipping. Adults bones can be worth as much as $5 while subadult and pup baculae are worth $1-$2
Hides:We buy wolf pelts, preferably with feet attached. Wolves skinned and prepped for rugs are worth the most. These have the feet skinned out, lips split, ears turned, eye-holes of natural size with edges split, etc. They can be salted or dried. If you cannot do this, we will buy them skinned with the feet attached and the skull left intact in the animal. They can be frozen and shipped to us on a Monday (always contact us before shipping). We will refund shipping charges on frozen skins. Make sure that required state tags are attached and include your trapping or hunting license number and your phone number. Generally, white, almost white, black wolves, as well as those colored like silver fox are worth the most on the market and those that are 80+ inches, tip to tip can be worth as much as $500. Light gray wolves can be worth $300-$400 for taxidermy purpose wolves and brownish ones that look like coyotes generally sell for $100-$200. Mangy, damaged, or those with slip spots are purchased at value, as are stretched and dried pelts with no feet.
Skulls:Remove from carcass and freeze. Make sure you do not cut off part of the posterior part if you saw it off. After you freeze the skulls, put them in styrafoam containers and ship to us. #1 complete adult skulls are worth up to $75. Skulls with worn or broken teeth and subadult animals will be discounted. We will refund freight on shipments of wolf skulls.
Teeth:On broken skulls, you can salvage the canine teeth. Canines are worth $10 on #1 quality. Worn and broken teeth are discounted. These can be extracted by boiling and then, after cleaning, you can store in mineral oil or baby oil. OR, you can simply cut off the the front of the upper and lower jaws and ship to us. Remember that half of the canine is embedded in the bone and we need this complete root as well, so cut off just in front of the molars. After you remove them, freeze until shipping.
At-The-Door: Items Brought to Our Warehouse

Carcass:up to $300 each. Some select colors more!
Note: Must bring in fresh. Those with mange, broken hairs on shoulders, big holes, etc. are at value. Remember that the skulls and claws on a wolf are of value. If you cannot get your carcass wolf to us quickly, remove the intestines and stomach as these are the cause of most slippage.


Baculum:#1 quality, $2.00 each
Claws:cleaned, up to $10.00 each
Hides:#1 quality with claws, ears turned, lips split, suitable for taxidermy, up to $350. Fur quality, with claws, up to $200.
Skulls:#1 quality adult skull, up to $50 each
Teeth:#1 quality canines, up to $3.50 each


Hides - Northern Skins Only:Stretched and dried with feet attached up to $20. Dried skins, no feet, good #1 spring quality, up to $10.00.No summer skins, no tainted skins, no shedders. We can also use animals for TAXIDERMY WORK. These should be early spring skins (February/March) with good fur. They must have nice guard hairs on the entire back. We cannot use those that have any guard hairs missing from the lower back. Just case skin and leave feet attached and skull in hide. Then freeze. We pay $20 each. They cannot be shot in the head, but should be shot with .22 or other small caliber rifle. We cannot use summer hides nor those that are starting to shed. Adults only, no yearlings or subadults. WE WILL REFUND SHIPPING on frozen skins only, Contact us for best way to ship. In the past we have customers ship shedding, rotting, and damaged pelts as well as small size skins. We will not pay for these nor will we refund shipping for any rejected skins




Feet:Dried. Dry in standing position. $0.25 each
Skins:#1 complete skins with wings and tails, $4.00 each
Tails:#1 fanned dried tails, $0.50 each


Wanted:Ostrich, emu, rhea and cassowary eggs. Contents must be removed, extra small hole in end. Contact us with price you want.


Grouse feet: Dried. Dry in standing position. $0.25 each
Ruffed Grouse Tails:Ruffed Grouse tails: Select quality, $2.00 each; #1 quality, $1.50 each; #2 quality, $0.75 each; #3 quality, $0.25 each. Must be fanned and dried. BLUE/SPRUCE GROUSE: Select quality, $3,#1 quality $2, #2 quality $1.00, #3 quality $0.50. Must be fanned and dried
Ruffed, Blue, Spruce, Sharptail Grouse Skins:#1 quality, complete skins with wings and tails, dried, wing bonnes removed, $7.50 each
Ruffed, Blue, Spruce, Sharptail Grouse Wings:Boned to prevent spoilage, dried, $0.75/pair
Sage Grouse Skins:#1 quality complete skins with wings and tails, dried, wing bones removed: up to $10.00 each
Sage Grouse Tails:#1 quality larger sizes up to $6.00 each, #1 smaller sizes up to $1.50 each. Must be fanned and dried.
Sharptail Grouse Tails:#1 quality, $0.75 each; #2 quality, $0.25 each. Must be fanned and dried.

Hungarian Partridge

Feet: Dried. Dry in standing position. #0.25 each
Skins:#1 complete skins with wings and tails, dried, wing bones removed, $7.50 each
Tails:#1 quality, fanned, dried tails, up to $1.00 each


Owl Pellets:We buy owl pellets that have remnants of skeletons in them, such as mice, pocket gophers, etc. We prefer those from Great horned owls or similar such owls. 25 cents each. Can often find dozens under on tree!


Feet: Dried. Dry in standing position. $0.25 each
Skins:Must have mature plumage with wings and tails, be of #1 quality, and must be THOROUGHLY DRIED, including wings (wing bones must be removed from wings). Up to $4.00 each. If you have a large quantity, send a sample.
Tails:Must be THOROUGHLY DRIED, complete #1 quality tails
24-26" long, $4.50 each
22-24" long, $2.50 each
20-22" long, $1.75 each
18-20" long, $1.50 each
16-18" long, $1.00 each
14-16" long, $0.75 each
12-14" long, $0.50 each
Under 12", $0.10 each
#2's, 1/2 off
#3's, $0.10 each


Feet: Dried. Dry in standing position. $0.25 each
Skins:#1 quality, dried, complete with wings and tails, wing bones removed, $3.00 each
Tails:#1 quality, $0.50 each. Must be fanned and dried.


Emu/Ostrich leg sinew (achilles tendon) $1.00 each; sinew from front of leg $0.40 each

Wild Turkey

Beards:10+" $10.00 each
8-10" $7.50 each
6-8" $4.00 each
under 6", hens: up to $2.00 each
Tails:#1 quality extra large and up, $5 tops. Medium small/jakes #1 quality, $2.50 top. Contact us before shipping any large quantity.
Wings:Dried, bones removed, no blood or dirt, #1 quality, $5.00 each. Not dried, #1 quality, $2.50 each.


Snakes should be prepared by cutting them straight down the abdomen and then tacking them out to dry. We are interested in #1 quality skins only. Make sure it is legal for you to sell snakes collected in your state


Skins:#1 quality skins, all sizes, $0.30/inch

Burmese Python

Florida Hunters/Trappers:We will buy the skins of these snakes, cut down abdomen, dried, for $.25-$0.40/inch and are interested in buying some carcasses for the bones. Contact us if you have carcasses. Have a price in mind that you want when you call. We will refund shipping on these carcasses


We do not buy rattlesnakes from Idaho or Washington or any other state where their sale is prohibited.
RATTLES:We are always in the market for rattles. Some of the big SE rattles with 16-18 sections can be worth as much as $10 each.
Sent-In: Items Shipped To Us

Skins:#1 quality rattlesnakes 25 inches and up, with rattles @ $0.30/inch. MUST HAVE RATTLES ATTACHED. Big southern/Texas diamonback skins $0.40 - $0.50/inch

Water Moccasins

Skins:#1 quality skins only. Those with good patterns, $0.35/inch. Those with solid colors, $0.25/inch


Shells:If you have map, sliders, musk, stink-pot, snapping turtles up to 5" long or any other legally taken shells, dried with the breast plates attached. Paying up to $3 each. We are interested in #1 quality only.
Snapping Turtle Skulls:Frozen, larger sizes, must have supraoccipital bone on the back of the skull. XL sizes $5.00 each, medium sizes $3, smaller sizes $1.50

Remembering our friend Lars Eidnes and Eidnes Furs